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In a leap of faith, Dux and Patricia Missler opened Lavender Moon Gallery in December of 1999.

Both Dux and Patricia are long time residents of the Big Island, Hawaii. Dux, a San Diego native, originally journeyed to Maui in 1969 to pick pineapples as a summer job. Patricia grew up in South Texas and moved to Kona in 1983.

"My father was a picture framer so consequently I was surrounded by art as a child" explained Dux. "Pop was a colorful character; part philosopher, part inventor. He had a great sense of humor. His influence, combined with the general avant-garde attitudes of the sixties, lead me to major in art in college. Later my artistic expression was forged greatly by my living in Hana, Maui amidst waterfalls and tropical beauty." Dux gets that far-away look in his eyes, "Ah, that reminds me of a story... "

"Anyway, I am basically a painter. I love oil painting. Although over the years I have dabbled in all kinds of art and crafts. From selling my leather belts, purses and clothing on Telegraph Ave. in Berkeley (on weekends while working full-time), to publishing my "Magic Maui Coloring Book" in 1978. I am also interested in philosophy, religion, writing and am a passionate gardener".

Patricia has long had a natural sense of design, style and creativity whether it is in photography, a flower lei creation, interior design, cooking and more recently painting. In Hawaii she has embraced the opportunity to study with many well-known artists and has herself become a successful painter; capturing images that have feeling and emotion. Images that speak to ones' heart.

Patricia's early influences were her parents. She is the youngest of five. Her father was intensely intellectual yet he pocessed a natural artistic inclination. Although he was in banking most of his adult life, he painted and was a patient photographer. Her mother was an accomplished seamstress. "The girls at school were envious of my custom-made dresses and clothing. Funny how that is... my mom sewed in order to stretch a tight household budget. I never understood how lucky I was until later in life. My early years were pivotal in how my life unfolded." Patricia was also exposed to the art, architecture and colors of Mexico at a young age. She earned a BA from the University of Texas at Austin and worked as a Social Worker for many years prior to making Hawaii her home.

Patricia has been instrumental in the day-to-day managing of the Gallery. Her taste in jewelry selections for the Gallery is legendary. A devoted following stops by the Gallery to see the latest jewelry from Hawaii and around the world.

Dux and Patricia are currently working together on a very large canvas --- designing and building a house, on 5 acres, in a South Kona rain forest. In addition to the natural beauty of the property, they have lovingly planted orchids, anthriums, gingers, heleconias, fruit trees, taro, sweet potato, and much more. It is a work in progress and being done under the watchful eyes of their three Border Collies... Hokulani Girl, Koa Boy and older brother, Kenny.

The house includes an art studio and one day will welcome visitors to view new art works and enjoy the peaceful gardens.